Westlake & Austin Teeth Bonding Treatment

Repairing and Restoring Austin’s Teeth

Here at 12 Oaks Dental, patients rave over the results of their cosmetic dental bonding. They are amazed at how quickly and precisely cracks, chips and other damage can be camouflaged and repaired.

How Dental Bonding Works

In theory, tooth bonding is a simple procedure. Unfortunately, not all bonding is equal. Because bonding requires a certain amount of artistic skill and precision, dental bonding can vary in its attractiveness. Our doctors are both artists and perfectionists so you can be sure the results of any procedure are subtle, attractive and strong. We begin by carefully matching the tooth bonding material to the tooth to which it will be applied. If you want your teeth to appear whiter, we may begin with tooth whitening to get your teeth to their desired shade and match the bonding material to that shade. This custom blending is done by hand right here in our office and requires an understanding of color depth and shading. Once we have a range of shades to apply to your teeth, we sculpt the dental bonding material into place on your tooth, mimicking your tooth’s contouring and shading. You’ll leave the office that day with a great looking smile!

Austin Dental Teeth Bonding - 12 Oaks Dental
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I have been a patient with Dr. Worob for the 15 years that I have lived in Austin. As the daughter and granddaughter plus past employee of three dentists I am very particular. I have been impressed by their quality of workmanship, conservative yet contemporary approach and knowledge. I am happy to recommend Dr. Worob and his competent staff.

Nancy Balzer March 22, 2016

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