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Who doesn’t want a white smile these days? Everywhere you look, someone is flashing a great big brilliant smile. It’s time for you to have one too! No matter what has caused your teeth to darken or discolor from medications and coffee to red wine, smoking or just the passage of time, we can help. Even when it comes to something as common as a tooth whitening procedure, we take time to listen to what you want out of the procedure. We offer a variety of methods and options so you can get exactly the tooth whitening results you want. Not all smile whitening agents are the same and some can even cause your teeth to become sensitive.  Because of this, we will want to check your progress to help you achieve your whitening goals.

In-Office Laser Whitening

Our most popular and effective whitening treatment is Laser Whitening. Its quick, easy, and painless. After one visit, you’ll go home with brighter, whiter teeth. With Laser Whitening, we can whiten your teeth up to 8 shades in less than an hour with little or no sensitivity.

Home Whitening

If you prefer to whiten at home, we will custom fit trays and prescribe a solution for you to use at your convenience. The level of whitening and the frequency of use are entirely up to you. Home whitening is not as rapid as in-office whitening and can take several weeks to achieve your desired result. Whatever method you choose, 12 Oaks Dental will help you get the impressively white smile you want.

Austin Teeth Whitening Treatment - 12 Oaks Dental
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In addition to providing excellent results, Marc and his staff pay close attention to making the patient experience as comfortable as possible. I have been a patient for over six years because I have confidence in the results.

Robert Guild March 22, 2016

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