Austin Dentures and Partial Dentures

Keeping Austin Smiling in Comfort

When our patients are missing teeth and are not candidates for dental implants, we have a great alternative – comfortable, custom fitted dentures and partial dentures.  Our dentures are actually elegant in their design and created to look and feel more like natural teeth than dentures in the past.

In fact, our dentures are so beautiful that many people mistake them for natural teeth!

The 12 Oaks Denture Difference

We start the creation of your dentures or partial dentures by communicating with you and listening carefully to your needs and concerns. Then we carefully measure your ideal bite and jaw position to ensure that your jaw and its muscles remain in harmony while you wear your dentures. When your bite is balanced with these dentures, you will experience less stress on your jaw, and less pain and discomfort. People are amazed at how comfortable these dentures are.

When dentures are cosmetically created and fit perfectly – with the correct tooth length, shape and shading to fit just you – they can make denture wearers look more youthful and revitalized than they thought possible. They don’t slip, clack or come loose, allowing you the freedom of renewed confidence. They can actually have the effect of a facelift!

However, if you are a candidate for implants and would like to take your smile a step further, we recommend Implant Retained Dentures as the preferred alternative.

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I have gone to Dr. Worob for years. The dental care that he and his staff have given me is excellent. Not only do they take care of my teeth, they also explain everything to me. In addition, they enjoy working with each other. It is a pleasure to go there.

Aimee Ronn March 22, 2016

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