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Quality, Relationship-Based Dentistry

From the moment you call us to schedule your appointment, to your visit with Dr. Worob or Dr. Cronin Barron, you will experience the kindness, sincerity and quality of our team.

Putting Your Needs First

Everyone here puts you and your needs first: Our office atmosphere is warm, positive and professional; our doctors and team are highly trained and technologically advanced. Best of all, our unique, relationship-based dental care keeps patients happy, relaxed and healthy. As a patient, you become an essential part of 12 Oaks Dental. We make you part of your own dental team so you are always informed and educated.

Instead of telling you how healthy you ought to be, we work with you regarding your choices about your dental health. This individualized approach helps you to make an informed decision for your own health care. We never pressure you or make you feel inadequate about the decision you make. At the same time, we strive to keep you in touch and aware of your over-all health needs. Our interest in you is all encompassing – we care about your smile, your health and your life.

Perfectly Personalized Care

We are here to help you reach the highest level of wellbeing for your specific, individual needs.

Because we are so passionate about what we do, we always take our time, always listen and always make sure you are comfortable. If we know you are a little bit nervous or have trouble getting comfortable, we consider that and factor your needs into your scheduled time. It’s just part of the pampering experience.

We want every visit to be perfect. Maybe that’s why patients tell us that every visit is a five star event!

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I can't imagine actually enjoying going to the dentist but at 12 Oaks Dental Dr. Marc Worob and his friendly, professional, knowledgeable staff make it a pleasure. They take a personal interest in "you", the patient and make the "visit" a pleasant experience. From the minute you walk in the door, the offices are warm and welcoming and the care is the very best. They keep up with the newest techniques, explain everything to you and I cannot rave enough about them. Thanks Dr. Worob...you're the very best!

Hermyne Snyder March 22, 2016

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