Austin going Zero Waste

12 oaks dental reusable totesHow does this affect you directly?  Well starting next month, March 2013.  Grocery stores will no longer be allowed to provide plastic grocery bags. Yes, that’s right.  The gentle reminder signs in the parking lots saying “Don’t forget your reusable bags” will also be implying- if you forget them you will have to load the  brisket under your left arm, bottle of wine in your left hand, all your local fruits and vegetable and cars keys in your right hand and then squishing  both arms together to support a case of Kleenex because Cedar Fever just started.  

Can I offer you an alternative?  Stop by our office, 12 Oaks Dental, and pick up a free reusable tote from our office!

Living in Austin is amazing!  Austin has  it all; a lush environment, great economy, advanced technology, its a growing foodie mecca, and a siren’s call  for outdoor enthusiasts. We are known for its music(SXSWACL-LiveACL music festival and all the live music every day) and being green. How green? Austin has a strategic plan to go Zero Waste by 2040.  Let us help you do your part!


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