Breastfeeding and Avoiding Cavities

Not only is breastfeeding a great way for a mother and child to¬†bond, but it is also an essential source of nutrients that your baby can’t get anywhere else. Breast milk fed children have shown to have less ear infections, diarrhea, respiratory infections and chronic diseases like asthma. Studies are also now showing that breastfeeding can help your child avoid cavities!

Dr. Cronin's baby, Zane, opening wide!

Dr. Cronin’s baby, Zane, opening wide!

The biomechanics of nursing are different that bottle feeding. Several studies have shown that breast milk is expressed directly onto the soft palate and swallowed rather than pooling in the child’s mouth, like with a bottle. This pooling, allows the milk or formula longer contact with the teeth, especially if not removed. Oral hygiene habits, such as wiping a child’s tooth with a wet wash cloth can help with the prevention of early childhood cavities.

Please contact Dr. Elyse Cronin Barron, an Austin dentist, if you have any further interest about dental care for pregnant mothers, babies and kids. She is a mother of a 5 year-old daughter and 7-month old son.

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