This Ain’t Your Daddy’s Football

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Austin Outlaws Photo by Mary Lou Spence

The Austin Outlaws are a group of female athletes who are passionate about football.  Many were denied the ability to play in other leagues.  The oldest rookie started at 51 because she finally had place, a team and an opportunity to play! The Outlaws pride themselves as being the longest continuously run women’s football organization in the country, now entering their 13th season.

The Austin Outlaws are a self funded team. This means that on top of their 40 hour week jobs, work as moms, and 10+ hours a week practicing, they also do fund raising. It may be corporate sponsorship or activities such as car washes, merchandise sales, etc. They have to raise in excess of $40,000 every single year, more when they reach the playoffs

Like 12 Oaks Dental, the Outlaws give back to their community, going to schools and charitable events, being strong role models for young women. And they never forget their fans. At the end of every game, the players line up and shake hands with all their supporters. What amazing women, amazing athletes.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many of the players on the team. At one of their recent practices I got to hold a newborn while her mother played defensive tackle. It was fascinating to watch her sweetly caress her baby and then switch gears, tackling her opponent with such power and force!

Austin Outlaws  Photo by Mary Lou Spence

Austin Outlaws Photo by Mary Lou Spence

The women on the team are members of the Women’s Football Alliance, a league comprised of about 60 teams across the country.  The first game this year is April 6. Tickets are $10/person, and children 12 and under are free. For more information, please visit their site at Bring your family and friends and help support these hardworking athletes. Show your Austin pride! Just don’t get in their way like their opponents in these pictures.

Outlaws are tough, they hit hard and don’t hold back.  Maybe they ain’t so different from your daddy’s football after all.


Written by Renee Henson

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