Is Your Tongue Giving You Bad Breath?

Bad breath is definitely going to negatively affect your social life in one way or another.  If someone has cared enough to tell you about yours, you are aware of it.  So here are a few tidbits of helpful information that may be of interest to prevent bad breath from happening to you!

Background: The tongue is often neglected in our daily oral hygiene routine.  If you do care for your tongue, most people brush their tongue when they brush their teeth.

Yellow tongue

Yellow tongue

Studies that have looked at effective hygiene of the tongue suggest that a tongue cleaner other than your toothbrush is recommended because these tools are more effective at removing the layer of debris that builds up and has an odor.  Look at your tongue.  If it’s not pink, you’ve got a problem.  Please call our office, 12 Oaks Dental, and let us take a look.

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