Do you know your Austin dental family?

Here at 12 Oaks Dental we take pride in the fact that we get to know our patients on a personal as well as clinical level.  We always enjoy hearing about your vacations, how you arrived in Austin, fun school or sporting event, names of your pets and especially new arrivals to your families!  In the process of getting to know you all, we too have shared bits and pieces of our lives. Have fun trying to remember who said what…quesion mark

1) Who graduated from McCallum High School in Austin?

2) Who is originally from Seattle?

3) Who lived in Germany for 5 years?

4) Who has a granddaughter named Ryleigh?

5) Who was born in Arkansas?

6) Who served in the United States Air Force?

7) Who has a chocolate Labrador and a mini Dachshund?

8) Who grew up in Houston?

9) Who did mission work in Guatemala?

10) Who has a photography business?

***Answers…1)Dr. Worob 2)Dr. Cronin 3)Laura 4)Terri 5)Tara 6)Renee 7)Kelley 8)Deborah 9)Linda 10)Lacey

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