Surprising Facts About Root Canals


Even if you’ve never had root canal treatment, you may dread the procedure just because of jokes or tall tales! The fact is, a root canal treatment is just that: it treats the problem and relieves pain. In most cases, you will not have any pain during a root canal procedure. At the dental office of Dr. Marc Worob in Austin, we do everything we can to make sure you’re relaxed, comfortable, and as pain-free as possible for all of our procedures, from filling a cavity, to periodontal therapy, to…root canals!

Why would I need a root canal?

The pulp cavity and root canals of your tooth contain the blood vessels and nerves that your tooth needs to thrive. If these tissues become injured or diseased, infection can set in and will need root canal therapy.

How does Dr. Worob perform root canal therapy?

When we perform root canals, we remove all of the diseased tissue and treat the infection. The canals are thoroughly cleaned out to remove any bacteria or debris. We then fill the canals to replace the tissue and seal them against bacteria that could cause problems in the future.

Once the root canals have been treated and filled, we’ll reinforce and help protect your tooth by placing a porcelain crown over it. This is the best solution to help preserve your natural tooth.

Call our dental office in Austin at 512.346.5196 if you’re experiencing any discomfort. Root canal treatment is just one of the many dental services we provide. Please contact us if you are interested in cosmetic dentistry, or looking for outstanding general or restorative dental care.

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