Helping New Horizon children from China

welcomeThere is excitement at 12 Oaks Dental because we are sharing in the dental experience for two children who are being hosted from an orphanage in China. The hosting program, New Horizons for Children, helps bring children from China, Latvia and Ukraine for summer and winter hostings.

Dr Cronin will be performing their dental examinations, other team members will be assisting with x-rays and their teeth cleanings. This is another opportunity for our dental team to help celebrate giving in the community.

Tanya(13) and Barry(12) are being hosted by Linda King‘s, family; Chad, Kodi , Abbie(7) and Will (4) Stephens for the next month. Fun for all because they live next door to Linda and her husband Bob!

The children are so precious and  grateful.  The whole experience is exciting for them! Firsts of many experiences; first to ride in a car, first time to ride in an airplane, the chance to ride a bicycle , etc.

Tonya and Barry swimming!

Tonya and Barry swimming!

In the photo, is their initial greeting at the airport, on the right is the children’s chaperon, Esther(26). She is a delightful young lady who is 4 months pregnant.  All are learning more English quickly!

Many thanks to Drs Worob and Cronin and the 12 Oaks Team.

Submitted by: Linda King, Hygienist.

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