chia petDid you know that the tiny black seeds you sprinkle on the top of Chia Pets are actually edible? Chia seeds have proven health benefits.  Studies have shown noticed improvement in blood pressure, inflammation and blood sugar regulation after about 12 weeks of taking a ¼ cup of chia seeds per day.

The desert plant chia, or Salvia hispancia, is botanically related to mint. Its seeds are highly absorbent, retaining up to 27 times their weight in water.  Soaked, this gelatinous concoction slowly releases its liquid, hydrating those who consume it.

Chia seeds top the charts in iron compared to flax, hemp, sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds.  A ¼ cup contains around 8 mg of iron and 10 grams of fiber.  They also come in high on calcium content.  Try chia seeds on salads, add them to protein shakes or mix them with yogurt for added health nutrients.  You can even substitute chia seed for eggs when baking!

So next time your looking at your terra-cotta figurine in the windowsill, don’t be tempted to eat it – those seeds have not been approved by the FDA. chia smoothie

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