We all love summer time with our kids, but now mom’s are celebrating by buying school supplies and clothes! In our haste we might forget to plan for our children’s oral hygiene while they are at school.

Here are some hints for helping our kids keep their teeth clean and healthy whether they are in elementary school, middle or high school and even our very independent college kids.

  • Send a flosser inside your child’s lunch box.Flosser
  • Pack bottled water in their lunch instead of juice or soda to help keep sugar levels low and cavities at bay.
  • Put fruit in your child’s lunch to help “brush” away plaque from their teeth.
  • Keep in mind colorful lunches are healthy lunches.  Fresh is best.  Fruits, vegetables and nuts are great ways to keep your kid’s lunches healthy all year

Children with healthy lunches tend to perform better in school.  They will have the  nutrition and endurance to keep them going!

Here are some ideas for lunches!

Healthy Kids Lunch Recipes

Project Lunch Box

Preschool Meal Ideas




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