Flowers and Ribbons and Glitter, OH MY!!

Hello high school football fans!  HOMECOMING will be here before we know it and you know what that means…. IT”S MUM TIME! Now, I usually subscribe to BIGGER IS BETTER in this category but I have been making this Mini-Mum Pen for a few years and it’s always a big hit.  My daughter likes to give them to her friends on the Monday before the game so that they can enjoy them all week.


A “round barrel” pen                     Glue gun & sticks                              Double sided tape                         Stapler & staples
2” Mum flower                             Assorted ribbons (1/4”-1/2”wide)     Stickers                                       Trinkets



1. Cut two strips of double-sided tape the length of the pen, apply it lengthwise to both sides of the pen, wrap ribbon around the pen from the ink tip to the end, cut and glue the end in place.Mum Pen Supplies



2. Cut (2”- 4 ½”) ribbon and arrange 4-6 ribbon strips in a slight “fan”, staple at the top, attach trinkets and stickers to ribbons and the center of the flower.Mum Pen Making



3. Glue ribbons and flower to the end of the pen…Voila! These make great gifts for friends and teachers too.Voila! Mum pens





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