Tara’s Journey at 12 Oaks Dental

As my journey with this wonderful group of people comes to an end, I would like to take a moment and thank every single one of our patients and our staff. It has been a wonderful four and a half years I have spent with you. From just being a dental assistant student waddling around with my giant pregnant belly, to the adult and leader I have grown in to today, I have always been support by patients and staff alike. It is hard to even imagine what my life will be like without all of you in it on a daily basis. However, it is time for me to continue my growth and move on to my dream of being a dental hygienist.1397813_648249771864793_1525747397_o

I am so very excited that after a year of working my tail off and trying to re-take classes (because apparently they expire!!!), I have turned in all applications to Temple College and Austin Community College dental hygiene programs! I should know if I am accepted in to either program by mid-March. And don’t worry, you all will still see my smiling face until I absolutely have to run off and even then at our community outreach events! I hope to see many of you at this year’s Ovarian Cancer run, and if you feel like getting an extra run in there’s the Temple College Dental Hygiene Tooth Trot 5K! 1609813_10203213477842641_1262842153_n Dr. Cronin and I just attended that run this past weekend in the freezing cold! It’s a bit of a drive for all you Austinite’s, but if you happen to want a change of scenery it’s a good cause to support.

Anyway, I will obviously be keeping in touch with my 12 Oaks family when I do finally depart on this adventure, and who know, maybe there will be a spot back here for me on the other side of the office!

Written by Tara Fuller

Protect Your Oral Health – Don’t Stress Out!


When we’re stressed, we may experience a headache, a stomachache, or the sense of irritability. But too much stress can cause a multitude of problems in our bodies and in our mouths. At 12 Oaks Dental in Austin, we want to help our patients understand how daily stressors might be affecting their oral health.

While we’re all pretty familiar with the health dangers stress can cause put on the body, the effects of stress on the mouth are often not discussed. However, stress and anxiety can cause several serious problems in your mouth including:

•    Canker sores

•    Teeth grinding

•    Periodontal disease

Canker Sores

Stress can increase the risk of getting canker sores, and while they aren’t really dangerous, they can be painful. Canker sores often look like small ulcers with a white or gray base and a red border, and can be found inside the mouth and even in multiples.

Tooth Grinding

Additionally, stress can cause us to clench and grind our teeth, also known as bruxism. The act of grinding your teeth, often subconsciously, can lead to tooth damage and can even result in TMJ (jaw joint) problems.

Periodontal Disease

Research has shown that stress directly affects your immune system. This is especially concerning for your Austin dentist. When your immune system is compromised, your chance of periodontal disease increases. Additionally, some medication used to battle stress and anxiety can lead to dry mouth. Dry mouth can cause tooth decay and can also increase your risk of gum disease.

Stress and anxiety happens to all of us. What’s important is that you realize how to cope and relieve stress and that you understand how stress can affect your body. If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms we’ve discussed, we encourage you to give 12 Oaks Dental a call today. Together, we’ll talk about your concerns and discuss the best way to get you healthy.

Dental Assisting…Is It For You?

Do you know someone interested in dentistry?  Or maybe looking for a career change.

Check out The Center for Dental Professionals!         logo

The Center is a dental assisting school right here in Austin.  You will receive hands on training in addition to class time.  They are the best assisting school in central Texas. What you may not know is that Dr Worob is one of the founders and several of our team members (Renee and Deborah) are the class instructors.

Students will be able to complete their externship hours in pleasant, friendly offices, such as ours and they offer assistance with job placement.  12 Oaks Dental has been fortunate to have a couple of students graduate and join our team!

Externship So if you like helping others, building relationships and being a part of changing peoples smiles…check out this opportunity!

Ring in the New Year with a New Smile!

GPM-1657-Blogs-Jan1For a lot of us, the new year means making resolutions to look better, get healthier, be happier, or improve life as a whole. Whatever specifics your resolutions may include, don’t overlook the chance to enhance your smile with cosmetic dentistry from 12 Oaks Dental in Austin.

There’s a lot to say about a healthy, beautiful smile. Some people are lucky to have been born with one. Others have to battle against genetics, accidents, or aging. When time, or life itself, takes a toll on your teeth, your confidence can dwindle and it’s common to begin hiding your smile. However, you don’t need to hide forever. 12 Oaks Dental can help.

Our Austin cosmetic dentistry options can get you smiling again, help boost your confidence, and fulfill your New Year’s resolution to look better, feel better, and be happier. Whether you need a professional whitening to brighten your smile, veneers to enhance the aesthetics of your teeth, or a complete smile makeover, we’re here to make it all possible.

There’s never been a better time to get healthy and confident for life. If you’re ready to stop hiding and start smiling, give us a call to schedule an appointment today. We’ll work with you to find the best cosmetic dentistry treatment for you. This is the year, ring in the New Year with a new smile from 12 Oaks Dental.

Thinkery in Austin!

You absolutely HAVE to take your kids to the new and vastly improved Children’s Museum in Austin, the Thinkery.  To start with, no more driving around in circles looking for parking spaces downtown.  There is plenty of parking at this Mueller attraction despite their parking garage being still under construction.zane kinsley painting

In all of my wisdom I brought my children after church on Sunday still in their holiday dress clothes.  Before leaving the house, I actually told my daughter, Kinsley, “Of course you can stay in your dress, it’s not like we will be painting or anything!”  First thing we see… painting… on big glass windows.  They have aprons and it’s washable paint (kind of) but still, not something that’s ideal for their Sunday best! Both my one year old and kindergartner had so much fun that it was totally worth it!

The light room was extraordinary with their giant lite brite walls, colored shadows, prisms and touch color artwork.  Like the painting, I had to bodily remove Zane because he was completely entranced and wouldn’t leave the area!Zane lite bright

We didn’t get a chance to use the microscopes, create your own cartoon, the lever and gravity room because of the little one, but it just shows they created a place for young and older kids alike. Just in case this is sounding overwhelming, they kept the old craft center and grocery area if you were  nostalgic for the familiar activities of the previous children’s museum.

Upstairs was the hit of our first trip to the Thinkery.  My kids like nothing better than splashing and playing in water.What a delight!  Again, they have aprons, crocs and hand dryers but that can only do so much when my kids practically dive in the table or stand under the water tower.

kinsley water

Kinsley and Zane water 21525456_10202904059910718_1047390028_n


If that wasn’t enough, you can top off the day with the ropes playground outside! It isn’t really suitable for toddlers but very cool for older kids. We were there in December with the wind whipping and it was quite chilly but it will be perfect for those hot Texas summer days!

thinkery 3Afterwards, you can hop across the street for a lovely picnic at the park and lake or around the corner to the new HEB with their great Mueller cafe! Please please take your children to experience this great new museum for kids. If only they had something devoted to oral hygiene or teeth, then it truly would have been a perfect place. Just kidding, sort of. Seriously, there is so much to learn and play with!  I promise, you won’t be disappointed!

Written by Elyse Cronin

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