Put Me in the Zoo

If you’re looking for a fun day trip with the kids, why not check out

The Austin Zoo and Animal Sanctuary!

 This small non-profit zoo has been in Austin for many years, tucked away in Southwest Austin. They are home to over 300 rescue animals, ranging from your big cats to birds and reptiles!  They also have a petting zoo where kids can feed the goats, sheep and llamas.

Although it is a smaller “zoo” in size, their friendly staff and clean grounds make up for it. Perfect for a first time experience with younger kids yet educational for older children and adults to hear the history and/or stories of how the animals actually arrived to call the zoo their forever home.   Make it a field trip, take your picnic lunch and just hang out with nature. The freely roaming peacocks are fun to follow!

Ryleigh and Ronald Morgan

Ryleigh and Ronald Morgan

My granddaughter and I have made several visits. While it doesn’t compare to the much larger zoo’s such as in San Antonio or The San Diego Zoo…its satisfies her love of animals and can easily be walked in a couple of hours.    We will continue to visit for as long as she lets me hang out with her! ~Terri

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