Go See Alice!

Austin, Texas presents the Harry Ransom Center exhibit, Alice, opened on February 13th.  The exhibit celebrates the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll’s work, Alice in Wonderland and its’ many incarnations over the years. The collection is extensive and very satisfying.  Fabulous wall displays can serve as background for great photos with friends and family. Check out the video!

The Ransom Center presents the history of the printing and illustration of the books that include some amazing watercolor illustrations by Salvador Dali. My husband, Charles, and I always enjoy the opening night of each new exhibit.  The “Alice” collection on view now is a delight!  alicedali6

The Ransom Center website has information about programs for children that allow them to experience the unique world of Alice in Wonderland.  Treat yourself and your children to a bit of history and adventure in Alice’s magical world.

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