One Word at 12 Oaks Dental Austin

We strive to keep 12 Oaks Dental a great place to work, helping each team member to continue to grow both personally and professionally.

This year our practice theme is ONE WORD, inspired by the best – selling book One Word, by Jon Gordon. Realizing we all chose the dental field to care for others, our team picked the word CARE to focus on throughout the year.

We then decided individually to pick one word of our own, that would change and simplify our life. One word RocksBy embracing and living this one word it will help us gain a new perspective on how to approach the entire year.  We will see changes in the way we think, words we speak, attitudes and relationships with others. As mentioned in the book, this determination will become the driving force to stretch us in all six dimensions of life:  spiritual, mental, physical, relational, emotional and financial.  This growth allows us to continue to fuel our passion, which is providing the best CARE to all of  our great patients and others.DSC_0092

Think about it …What will be your ONE WORD?

Dental Hygiene School Here I Come!!!!!

20150317_095158 (1)

Well, 12 Oaks Dental Austin family and friends, the time has finally come for me to run off to hygiene school!! I can’t even believe after 5 and a half years at this amazing office it is time for me to move on. I have been accepted (FINALLY) to the Temple College Dental Hygiene Program! But don’t worry, you will still get to see my shining face on my school breaks and a couple of days over the summer! It’s crazy to think about, 10 years ago I decided this was the path I wanted to take with my life and after a few hiccups (very small baby hiccups 😉 ) I am finally following my dream!

This was no easy feat though, let me assure you of that. I’m sure some of you remember me taking classes almost 2 years ago to update everything as science classes expire after 3-5 years depending on the college! I applied to the dental hygiene program last year only to be denied entrance by Temple College and turned away from ACC for a chicken pox shot! This year was almost a scare as well!!! Monday March 9th, I received a letter actually denying me entrance to the Temple College program AGAIN! Only to receive a call Thursday the 12th stating they had a position for me!

I am excited for my new adventure and nervous about all the change. It’s hard to leave your “home” after over 5 years, and begin anew. I have grown so much here and I thank each one of my family members!

Dr. Worob – Thank you for always believing in me, and giving me every opportunity to grow and learn. And for always being my shoulder to cry on, I couldn’t ask for a better “dad”.

Dr. Cronin-Barron – You are an amazing friend and I value the lessons we teach each other. I love that our daughters are growing up together (even if it’s in different cities) and I’m proud of the strong Dr. you have become!

Terri – Oh mom!! I love your blunt sense of humor and your motherly advice. You’ve made a good fill –in 😉

Kelley- I will miss your fake yelling ha-ha! Thank you for always being there when I need someone to talk to, and of course all the funs times we’ve had!

Deb – aww Deb! I LOVE YOU! You are such a strong person, and I value your advice! I’ll still need my weekly gossip!

Renee’- It’s been a pleasure to watch you “blossom” ha-ha! I will miss your sense of humor!

Laura – I appreciate all of your long winded wisdom! You are such an amazingly smart woman and I strive to be like you (with shorter sentences).

Hope – It’s been so wonderful to grow with you! I am so incredibly proud of everything you have accomplished and now I am following in your footsteps. You are going to be a wonderful mommy!

Paddy – I look forward to seeing you Fridays to catch you up on my drama, ha-ha! Thank you for adopting me!

Brandi, Tina and Rachel – it’s been such a short time and I wish I could have had more time with you, but know that this is an amazing family to be a part of!

Let’s not say good-bye, but see ya later! I hope to make you all proud!

SxSW Beyond Fallen Shadows

Fallen shadowsWith SxSW here this weekend, I am looking forward to seeing my favorite band, “Beyond Fallen Shadows” perform. The music is mostly heavy metal and isn’t the usual music I would listen to you see.  I generally listen to country, pop and Christian Contemporary music.

The band, Beyond Fallen Shadows has a special appeal to me.  My son, Johnathan Sotomayor is the bands, writer, promoter and singer.  I am very proud of his accomplishments.  To date his band has already released two Eps (Extended Play CDs).photo (3)

He’s come a long way from singing in the living room at age 3.Johnathan has written or co-written most of their songs and lyrics and he is so at home on stage.  I know, I’m his Mom, I’m supposed to say that but he really is fun to watch and the songs have some humor and a somewhat twisted appeal to them as well.

If you don’t get a chance to see them at SxSW then look them up on Facebook for their schedule here in Austin.  I hope you check them out.  What makes this band even more unique is the average age of each band member which is 18 years old.

Have a great time at SxSW and come listen to Beyond Fallen Shadows!

Why Do All Dental Offices Smell The Same?

what is that smell

When you walk into a dental office and breathe deeply, you’ll immediately recognize that dental office smell. There’s nothing quite like it. But why do all dental offices have that certain super-clean stench? At our dental office in Austin, we become immune to the everyday smells that go along with working here. We also realize our patients are the complete opposite, and the odor can be odd. But we can explain.



There are unique smells that come from dental procedures themselves. A common term associated with the aroma of a dental procedure is tooth dust, which can be experienced during a filling, root canal, and numerous other procedures. The scent of tooth dust can be limited by using a vacuum and a lot of water during treatment. Since a dental office is packed doing treatments all day long, tooth dust permeates the air and can linger around, contributing to overall dental office smell. However, tooth dust is not the only thing that makes dental offices smell like, well, dental offices.



The materials used in dental procedures can also have pretty strong scents. Acrylic, which is used for crown and denture construction, is one of the most common materials that contribute to the dental office smell. Additionally, clove oil that’s often used in fillings, has a powerful aroma.



One of the most important things to your dentist in Austin is sanitation and infection control. Everything used to keep our patients safe, healthy, and away from germs can have potent odors. The gloves, antibacterial soaps, disinfectant wipes, super-hot sanitation ovens, and the mixture used to sanitize tools that can’t be heat-sterilized are all standards in our practice, and all help create the unique dental office smell. However, pungent smells often go hand in hand with high levels of sanitation. Personally, we’d rather have the smell than an unsanitary dental office.


While we don’t think anyone will be making a dental-office-scented candle anytime soon, we do encourage you to think of the aroma as a good one. It means your teeth are being well taken care of in a clean and sanitized practice, both of which are key at our Austin dental office.

Serving patients from Austin, Westlake, Cedar Park, and surrounding areas.

Austin to the Bahamas

CollageOur 25th wedding anniversary was approaching quickly and we felt it required a splurge, something memorable.  We decided that a trip to Atlantis Paradise Island Resort in the Bahamas might be that special trip.  We were right!

We departed Austin from ABIA on a cloudy, 34-degree day and 5 hours later were in sunny, 80-degree Nassau, Bahamas, awestruck at the clear, multicolored blue water as we were landing.  Our destination was only a 30 minute taxi ride.

The Atlantis resort is very grand in size and visually spectacular.  We had seen the Atlantis television commercials and heard the resort was great but photos and video do not do it justice.  The resort has five hotels, world-class dining, spa, casino, golf course, marine habitats and aquarium with 50,000 aquatic animals, a 141-acre water park including a mile-long river tubing adventure, 9 water slides, and 11 pools.  Nightlife includes a comedy club, nightclub and movie theatre.  The beach and stunningly beautiful Caribbean water are there too, as well as, boating, diving, snorkeling and fishing.  The resort offers something for everyone and is both child and adult friendly.

Atlantis is a bit pricey but worth the money when you consider all that is offered.  Dining is especially expensive but there are less expensive options within walking distance or by taxi to Nassau.  The resort website has specials on room rates, resort credits and activity credits that make it more affordable.

For a fantastic tropical getaway, Atlantis Paradise Island is fun for all!

Is Smoking Worth Your Teeth?

cigarettes bad for your teeth

Smoking is one of the most addictive habits out there. It’s also one of the worst things for your health. When you think of smoking, do you think of lung cancer? Perhaps emphysema? Or maybe it’s heart disease. While all of these are very real possibilities, at our Austin dental office, we’d like to talk about the oral health risks associated with smoking.


Gum Disease

One of the strongest correlations between smoking and oral health is the increased risk for gum disease. According to research from the Centers for Disease Control, smokers are seven times more likely develop gum disease than non-smokers. Additionally, 75% of all adult gum disease diagnoses are associated with smoking. Caused by bacteria, gum disease is a serious infection that invades the pockets that holds teeth in place leading to pain, bleeding while brushing or flossing, and eventually tooth loss.


Tooth Loss

In direct correlation with the onset of gum disease, tooth loss is another major health concern ultimately caused by smoking. The Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) estimates for every 10 years of active smoking, males will lose 2.9 teeth and females 1.5. Tooth loss can create it’s own host of problems including deterioration of jaw bone, lack of proper nutrition due to inability to chew, plus self-confidence issues.


Oral Cancer

When you take a drag of a cigarette, the smoke immediately touches your lips, then your mouth, and eventually travels through your throat and into the lungs. There are 4,000 known chemicals in each cigarette. 43 are known to cause cancer. With the high level of cancer-causing ingredients along with the close interaction between the smoke and the mouth, some of the following stats shouldn’t be surprising.

  • 90% of those with oral cancer have used tobacco
  • Smokers are six time more likely to develop some type of oral cancer
  • Smoke from tobacco products can cause cancer in the mouth, throat, larynx, and esophagus


If you’re a smoker, let us know. We won’t judge you but it does make it really important for you to keep up with regularly scheduled appointments at our dental office in Austin. At every visit, we’ll work closely with you to ensure there are no dangerous diseases lurking in your mouth.


Accepting patients from Austin, Westlake, Cedar Park, and nearby neighborhoods.

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