One Word at 12 Oaks Dental Austin

We strive to keep 12 Oaks Dental a great place to work, helping each team member to continue to grow both personally and professionally.

This year our practice theme is ONE WORD, inspired by the best – selling book One Word, by Jon Gordon. Realizing we all chose the dental field to care for others, our team picked the word CARE to focus on throughout the year.

We then decided individually to pick one word of our own, that would change and simplify our life. One word RocksBy embracing and living this one word it will help us gain a new perspective on how to approach the entire year.  We will see changes in the way we think, words we speak, attitudes and relationships with others. As mentioned in the book, this determination will become the driving force to stretch us in all six dimensions of life:  spiritual, mental, physical, relational, emotional and financial.  This growth allows us to continue to fuel our passion, which is providing the best CARE to all of  our great patients and others.DSC_0092

Think about it …What will be your ONE WORD?

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