Crawfish Season in Austin Recipe

Its that time of year again…..Finally……… Crawfish, Crayfish, Mudbugs, Crawdads, whatever you call them they are DELICIOUS!cra2

Crawfish season is not as easily defined as other seasons, such as crab or shrimp, because it is not legally regulated. However, that is not to say that there is not the “ideal time” to purchase and eat live. There are actually three factors that play heavily into when crawfish season happens:

  1. The Crawfish are readily available.  Call your local HEB in Austin.
  2. They are cheap enough to afford.
  3. They are big enough to enjoy and be worth the effort.

In a normal year, these three planets align around the beginning of March and the season ends sometime in June.

Rain and temperature have the biggest effect on when Crawfish season actually begins. Crawfish need a lot of rain and warmer temperatures to grow, and this usually happens in late February or early March. However, if the winter is exceptionally wet, and then warmer temperatures creep in early, you will see crawfish prices drop a little earlier.
untitledOur favorite seasoning is Louisiana Crawfish , Crab, and Shrimp Boil.  About 1 oz of this per lb of crawfish is the perfect amount of seasoning. To add additional spice sprinkle Tony Chachere’s Creole seasoning on them after they come out of the water.
First it is a good idea to purge them in a salt water bath for about 15 minutes. Discard the ones that are floating. Rinse real well crawfishuntil water coming off them is clear. As soon as your water is at a rolling boil drop a batch in and boil for approx. 15  minutes with red potatoes.. We like to add corn on the cob, and Andouille sausage. Drop a whole artichoke in the boil for a delicious vegetable to add to the meal. Dump in a cooler and they will stay warm for hours while everyone enjoys this tasty “delicacy”.  Now do you need to know how to eat them?  Check out this video!
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