North to Alaska!

ImageIf you’re looking for a great get away or perhaps it’s on your bucket list… an Alaskan cruise is a must! I’ve always been a tropical vacationer, but Alaska was on my list of “places to see”.  Needless to assay, it did not disappoint!

My husband Ronald and I left the Port of Seattle on a cruise to the Gulf of Alaska, a part of our country I had only seen in pictures.  And pictures still cannot capture the beauty of this state.

Visiting several ports; Ketchikan, Juneau, and Skagway we were able to experience the sights and sounds of nature.  From the amazing wildlife to the crackling melting sounds of the glaciers, from up-close and personal encounters with bald eagles, to witnessing humpback whales and sea lions playing in their natural habitat, we were simply awestruck.  It gives you a different perspective then when looking at the words PACIFIC OCEAN on a globe.

There is lots to do both on and off the cruise ship.  I returned very relaxed and couldn’t have asked for better weather.  If this Texas girl can handle it, you can too. Mark this down as a sight to see!

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