Starfish Island

While visiting Belize earlier this summer, my husband and I, accompanied by two close friends were excited to finally get to visit Starfish Island.  We had heard wonderful things about the clear blue water, the large conch shells, the plentiful starfish and how the small island was the perfect place to spend our day in Belize.  The small,  scenic, private island was created exclusively for cruise ship guests to have a nice place to relax and spend there day while in port.
Starfish_in_lagoon_on_Pom_Pom_Island,_Celebes_resort,_Sabah A small boat took us about 20 miles from where our cruise ship was anchored and we spent the day exploring the island retreat.  There were so many different activities in which you could participate.  They had swimming, kayaking, sunbathing, volleyball, live music and plenty of hammocks if you preferred to just rest and enjoy the beautiful scenery. I chose to spend most my time in the water but made sure to visit the area where they allowed you to hold the starfish, lobsters and very large conch shells.
rightAfter exploring Starfish Island, swimming in the ocean, and resting in the hammocks, we had one last thing to do before returning to the ship. There is a large palm tree on the island that all the guests sign before leaving, and that is just what we did.
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