They Say Dentistry is a Form of Art

The Team at 12 Oaks Dental put it to the test! Dentists are considered “surgeons”- surgery being  defined as “handwork” – we definitely put our hands to work!

We had a fantastic time at Painting with a Twist.  We chose a design of our (group) choice and each of us was presented with a blank canvas, paint and paint brushes, fortunately a great instructor to go with it.

Step by step instructions were given and we added our own flair to each brush stroke. Masterpieces were created even by those who were a little skeptical of their own talents!     Painting

It may not have been as tedious or as rewarding as  restoring patient’s smiles, but we all had lots of fun and off time together and enjoyed seeing the creative side of each other !

Great Venue ~ You can bring your own snacks, beverages and listen to music while your paint!

Fun activity for a group any size or for any occasion!


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