Give it a “Kick”

I’m sitting in the dugout and I tell my team mate, “If only I could catch a foul tip pop up!” She says, “You will! You’re improving every game, just keep trying!” I think to myself, well one day I will do it. Then the next inning comes up and I am standing behind the kicker in my catchers position and she kicks a foul tip pop up and “WHAM” I catch it!! Woo Hoo!! I did it!! YES!! I then throw the ball to 2nd base for a double play!! Best time I ever had in Kickball! That my friends was just last night.

I am quite the novice kickball player but some friends of mine play kickball and have for years. Last year I was asked to join a team and even though at the time I didn’t even know the rules, I joined. Being kind of introverted I don’t meet a lot of people so this was just what I needed. I have met young and “older” ladies that are really remarkable people and have made some really great friends in the 2 years I have been playing now.

A big thank you goes to 12 Oaks Dental, and Dr.’s Marc Worob and Elyse Cronin-Barron for sponsoring my team again this year. Our team name is the “Aces of Bases.” We are all becoming great friends and we have fun every Thursday! Our team is 3 for 3 in our winnings and we have 4 more games to go.    kickball

Our games are played at Balcones Sports Complex.  We have the best fans and we invite you to come out and cheer on your favorite team!

If you can’t make it out on a Thursday night try to come to our Central Texas Kickball Austin Tournament on September 12th and 13th. The tournament is held at the Murchison Middle School Kickball Fields. Games start at 8:30am and will go on all day and into the evening hours so there’s lots of time to catch a game!

Renee M




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