“ When Life Gives You Scraps Make Quilts”

Many of you who know Paddy as your dental hygienist, know how good she is with her hands. But did you know that she also has many other hidden talents?  Quilting has become a favorite hobby of hers over the last few years and as you can see in the photo …..she is amazing !quilt

Paddy put together this quilt for her co-worker Terri, who had saved numerous baseball shirts of her sons from over the years. Not only is this a spectacular piece of art to look at, but what a wonderful heirloom with many stories and memories to pass on for generations.

What used to be known as a social gathering among woman back in the early 1900’s has now become a favorite past time in today’s world. Many people actually invest in the long arm quilting machine, but if that’s not for you, there are local places where you can rent the machine to finish your piece of art!

Perhaps you have an old quilt from your grandmother or family …..we would love to hear the stories behind them!

Share them at your next visit here at 12 Oaks.



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