Not Your Ordinary Sand Castle…IT’S SANDFEST!

sand pic What started out in 1997 with 2 moms sitting in folding chairs, building sand castles with their kids on the Texas beach of Port Aransas– has turned in to a huge attraction sight!

Texas SandFest is now a 3 day festival with  sculpture artists from all over the United States participating.  This event is held usually in April, during a shoulder tourist season (when very few tourists are in town) and when low tides are predicted.  The coastline is marked off with areas for these artists to create their own “sand sculpture” and reveal their talents for all to see.  These masterpieces are constructed right before your eyes and is a sight to see!  Contests are held and voted on by the public, they even have areas for children to build and participate, some even take classes.


SandFest has been known to raise over $80,000. annually and donates it to various non-profit organizations in the Port Aransas community, therefore, their way of giving back! Several of our team members have visited the event and have made it an annual trip!  If your looking for a fun, family roadtrip….check out Port A!  It’s right in your own backyard.

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