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Are your teeth discolored, chipped or cracked? Are there spaces between the teeth? Do they make you feel like hiding and never smiling again? Are you unhappy with your previous dental work? Smiling is one of life’s greatest pleasures and we are here to make sure you feel like smiling all the time! Our cosmetic dentistry is so advanced and innovative, we won’t just make your smile look better, we will help you feel better and healthier too! Our menu of cosmetic dental services includes:

  • Teeth Whitening for the dazzlingly white smile you always wished for
  • Porcelain Veneers to perfect and correct any flaw in your smile
  • Smile Makeovers to bring your smile superbly to life
  • Dental Bonding to artfully repair even the smallest imperfection
  • Full-Mouth Restoration to bring balance and function to even the most damaged smile

Call us today at 512.346.5196 to make the most of every opportunity and smile like you never have before – with cosmetic dentistry from 12 Oaks Dental!

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I have gone to Dr. Worob for years. The dental care that he and his staff have given me is excellent. Not only do they take care of my teeth, they also explain everything to me. In addition, they enjoy working with each other. It is a pleasure to go there.

Aimee Ronn March 22, 2016

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