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Holistic Dentists in Austin, TX

Austin dentists, Dr. Worob and Dr. Barron, believe that complete health dentistry goes beyond just fixing cavities. Our holistic approach addresses whole body health by identifying food sensitivities, treating sleep disorders, correcting jaw malfunction, and preventing gum disease and dry mouth. Experience the benefits of our comprehensive care and take the first step towards a healthier you. Schedule an appointment at 12 Oaks Dental today.

dr. mark worob


Dr. Marc Worob practices dentistry because he believes patients should have high quality dental care offered in a gentle and caring manner – for smiles that last a lifetime.

dr elyse cronin barron


Dr. Elyse Barron is a firm believer that a healthy mouth and a healthy body go hand in hand. She is interested in the art and science of educating families on how to keep their smiles beautiful and brilliant for a lifetime!