All You Need to Know About Our Dental Office and Your Dental Visit

Our team wants to ensure that they deliver the best care possible to all of our patients.  Keeping our patients comfortable and happy is one of our highest priorities.

Your First Visit

Your experience with us starts with the first phone call. We want you to know how special you are and how important your trust is to us. We may be a little friendlier and ask a few more questions than most dental offices. That’s because you are becoming more than a patient – you are becoming a friend.

At your first visit to our office, we start with an information-gathering interview. This is your opportunity to ask us anything you want to know about the team, our practice and our qualifications. It is also our chance to begin the journey of getting to know you and your whole body health.

After we have gathered all of the information we need to get started, Dr. Worob or Dr. Cronin and an assistant will conduct a very thorough comprehensive examination. This is an invaluable part of getting to know you and offering the very best, most personalized long-term care.

After the examination, we will use your series of x-rays, digital photos and models of your teeth to map out and develop an individualized treatment plan just for you, always keeping you completely involved and informed.

There are, of course, patients who arrive at our office under emergency circumstances. In these cases our goal is to relieve them of any discomfort as soon as possible. This usually involves a very specific problem-focused examination and x-ray of the area of concern to get patients feeling better.

Whether you arrive at our office under routine circumstances or an emergency, you will be asked to complete a health history form to ensure we do not provide any treatment that might complicate other health concerns you have. Please be prepared to provide contact names for your family doctor and a list of any medications, including all vitamins and supplements you are taking.

Our office has the most modern technology available in dentistry.  It was designed to make giving you the best in dental care as easy and comfortable as possible.

These technologies have also allowed us to become a more environmentally friendly office.  Our digital x-ray system means no chemicals are disposed of, and no packaging is added to land fills – with the added bonus of an up to 90% reduction in radiation to our patients.

In doing our part to keep Austin Green, we are striving to become a paperless office. We have computers in every operatory, and have established an in-house recycling program for when paper cannot be avoided.  We have built-in water purification systems and an amalgam separator to ensure water quality to both our office and the environment.

We believe every aspect of what we do matters!

Five Levels of Care

There are five levels on which patients may choose to be seen in our practice.

Wellness Resource

This is our most recommended level of care and it involves both our dentistry, and our dedication to you and your community. It is for those who want to maintain excellent dental and physical health. These patients have healthy lifestyles, their nutrition is optimal and they take their oral health seriously. They schedule hygiene appointments for monitoring and cleaning two to four times per year, with complete monitoring exams done annually by our dentists. We love to help these patients not only maintain the best dental health, but also to connect with others in the community who can help them attain even higher levels of well-being.

Complete Dentistry

This is usually the next step after self care. This is for patients who are ready to commence treatment and begin a treatment plan that leaves the health of their mouths to choice, not chance and who understand and control the cause of poor oral health. These patients interface closely with our preventive and hygiene department before, during and after treatment.

Self Care

People who want to keep their teeth for a lifetime of comfort, function and appearance, choose this level. These people are interested in personally improving their dental health by preventing and treating any active disease present, but are not quite ready to begin any major treatment. A comprehensive exam to fully evaluate oral and jaw health is conducted and a treatment plan formulated.

Remedial Care

Some people desire treatment only when something breaks or becomes painful, and we are here to help them find the health and comfort they desire. These patients usually want to correct immediate problems with as little effort and cost as possible, even though the treatment may not be a long-term solution. Those at this level are not yet ready for a comprehensive examination or treatment plan.

Urgent Care

This level is for anyone in dental crisis or with an emergency problem such as pain, swelling or bleeding. We see emergencies immediately, whenever possible and maintain a 24 hour answering service with real people, not machines. One of our dentists is always on call.

These are flexible levels and our patients often move through them as they are ready. Some people begin at lower levels and progress over time. We will spend as much time as needed with you to understand different treatment options and what may be best for you.

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