Austin Dental Bridges

Replacing Missing Teeth in Austin

Whether you’re missing one tooth or several teeth, a dental bridge is another solution for restoring your entire smile to health, function and an attractive appearance.

What is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is used to “bridge the gap” left by a missing tooth or teeth. It is made up of two or more dental crowns that are placed on the healthy remaining teeth on either side of the gap; as well as the false teeth (called pontics) held in place between the crowns.

What are the Benefits of a Dental Bridge?

It may surprise you, but even one missing tooth can have a tremendous impact on your smile. When a tooth is lost, and not replaced, the remaining teeth can shift and move. This moving can lead to, biting pain, crooked teeth, bone loss, decay, and TMJ pain.  A bridge can:

  • Restore the appearance of your smile
  • Restore your ability to bite and chew comfortably
  • Restore your ability to speak clearly
  • Keep healthy teeth in their natural positions, preventing them from shifting
  • Support your facial structure
Austin Dental Bridges Treatment - 12 Oaks Dental
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I have been a patient of Dr. Marc Worob for 20 years. Of course, going to the dentist is never "fun " for most of us. But, I have to say that the office staff and doctors there have a very special way of making you feel at ease and feel like you are part of their "family".

Shelley Johnson March 22, 2016

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