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Austin’s Tooth Colored Restorations

We use composite fillings that are mercury-free and resemble your natural tooth color. We never use Mercury amalgam fillings to repair cavities or restore your teeth.

The Difference between Metal Fillings and Composite Fillings

In the past, dental fillings were sometimes created of gold but most often, they were made of a grayish amalgam made mostly of Mercury! Today those silver-amalgam fillings are stirring up quite a controversy. We don’t like the idea of taking chances with our patients’ health and have chosen not to use them. Metal fillings also expand and contract with temperature changes leaving your teeth vulnerable to cracking and to bacteria that can creep in.

Our modern composite fillings contain no metal so you never have to worry about toxic or heavy metals leaching into your system. They are not only strong and versatile, they disappear in your smile. We tint and match them to your natural tooth shade so no one can see that you have had a filling at all!

If you are concerned about the metal fillings in your mouth, we would be happy to discuss replacing them with our composite fillings.

Information following filling procedures

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I have been going to Dr. Worob since around 1988 and I would not even think about going anyplace else. I have had the best dental experiences there. Terry, Laura, Dr. Worob and Dr. Cronin and all of the staff always make me feel welcome and comfortable. I find myself saying "I cant WAIT to go to the dentist!". They do great work here and are always friendly and caring. They're great!

Lucy Dean March 22, 2016

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